Tuesday, 1 March 2011


It is thought that my precious 6 year old grand-daughter may have Dyspraxia.  Do any of you have any familiarity with this problem?  What are your thoughts on Dyspraxia and the MMR vaccination?  Is there a link?  I know the debate still goes on regarding Autism and the MMR vaccination.  What do you believe to be the truth?


  1. Hi Jacqui, I am sorry to hear about your grand-daughter's diagnoses.

    My son suffers from O.D.D.

    I do not know the truth. However, I trust Our Father to provide and help us through these storms.

    *hugs to you and your grand-daughter*


  2. Oh, Jacqui, I'm sorry about your granddaughter! I don't know too much about that. My goodness, there are so many issues folks have to deal with. Bless her heart!
    My son had ADHD and he was a handful, believe me! But he has turned out wonderfully well and he is very successful in business today. Apparently people with ADHD do well when they reach adulthood if they channel their energy into their work. Such is the case with my guy. Praise God! The family went through a lot with him while he was growing up but today, he is a delight to all of us!
    I wish you all well and may the Lord bless you!


  3. Thank you Mo and Sandi for your kind and caring comments