Thursday, 17 February 2011

Skin Care

                                                                                                                                                                 As a qualified Aromatherapist,  I love using Clarins products,  as I know exactly where they come from, they are ethically and organically grown,  plus they smell great!  However, there are times when the cost is prohibitive,  then I make my own products! 

Here is my recipe for a lovely night oil (and no, it does not make your skin greasy!) which I use when I cannot get Clarins oils:

Base oils: using jojoba, grapeseed, peach kernal and wheatgerm (can be obtained as one blend)
or a mixture of two or three of the above.


Approximately for every 15 ml of base oil: (One Tablespoon)
Two drops of Rose Otto or Rose Absolute
Three drops of Chamomile (Roman if poss)
Two drops Jasmine
One drop Patchouli.

If you do not like Patchouli, add three drops of Rose instead.

Aromatherapy oils keep better in brown or blue bottles, as light changes the constituents of the oils.
I always use Tisserand oils where possible,  but use any that are organically and ethically grown.

Happy Thursday!!

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